Commercial Photo Gallery

Tuscumbia Office Water Damage

A broken pipe in the break room caused water damage to this business in Tuscumbia.  Pictured is one of several offices in the business.  The carpet is heavily saturated from the water and items stored on the floor are wet.

Muscle Shoals Clothing Store

A roof leak caused water damage to this clothing store in Muscle Shoals.  It started in this upstairs storage room.  Some ceiling tiles had fallen down and several others were damaged and needed to be removed.  

Library Water Damage

A section of the carpet is soaked in a Sheffield school library.  The water damage was caused by a broken pipe.  The damage was discovered before the water spread further into the library.  

Classroom Water Damage

Water covers the floor of this classroom in a Sheffield school.  This room and more than 20 others were lightly covered in water after a pipe broke in a janitorial closet.  

Office Water Damage

A leak caused water damage to the office area of this business in Florence.  Our crews extracted the water from the carpet and took moisture readings to ensure the wall area was dry.  Check out our Before/After section for more photos of this job.  

Restaurant Water Damage

A malfunction with the fire sprinkler system caused water damage to this Florence restaurant.  SERVPRO arrived to extract the standing water and set dehumidifiers and air movers to dry the carpet in the dining area.  All areas were dry the next day.