Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Dryer Fire Damage

A fire started in this utility room when the dryer caught on fire.  Read more about this job and see a before and after of the living room in our before & after photos.

Soot in Bedroom After Dryer Fire

This is the bedroom of the home which had a fire damage caused by the dryer.  There was a heavy layer of soot along the bottom of the walls and the carpet.  

Fire & Water Damage In Bedroom

This is the mess left in a home after water was used to put out the fire.  Ceilings collapsed and insulation fell in several areas throughout the home.  Our first step to clean it up was to remove all of the fallen debris from the insulation.  

Kitchen Fire

A cooking fire caused fire and smoke damage to a home in Florence.  The homeowner's insurance company referred this fire damage cleaning claim to us.  There is heavy soot damage to the cabinets and the ceiling.  

Fire in Public Restroom

Heavy soot covers the once white toilet in one of the stalls of this bathroom at a park in Muscle Shoals.  The entire bathroom was covered in a heavy layer of soot.  

Soot on Bathroom Stalls

Soot covers the walls of the bathroom stalls in both the men's and women's restrooms at a park in Muscle Shoals.  Our crews cleaned both bathrooms top to bottom to remove the soot.