Recent Before & After Photos

Frozen Pipe In Ceiling

A pipe in the ceiling above the kitchen and dining area froze and burst in this Florence home during the Polar Vortex in January 2014.  When our crew arriv... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire Reconstruction

A fire started in the kitchen of this home.  There was extensive fire and smoke damage to the hardwood floors, walls, ceiling, marble countertops, bac... READ MORE

Mold Growth After Roof Leak

Mold spread quickly through this home after rain leaked through a hole in the roof over several days.  It was September and the weather was hot and humid.&... READ MORE

Mold After Roof Leak

Hail during a spring thunderstorm caused some minor damage to the roof of this home.  A small hole in the roof then caused a small roof leak.  The lea... READ MORE

Frozen Pipe In Basement

We received dozens of calls from homeowners with water damage after frozen pipes in January 2014.  This home located in Killen had water damage in the base... READ MORE

Dryer Fire Damage

The dryer caught on fire in this home which caused heavy fire damage to the utility room.  The rest of the home had heavy soot damage as well as water dama... READ MORE

Office Water Damage Tuscumbia

A pipe running to the sink in the break room was the cause of a water damage at a business in Tuscumbia.  The water traveled throughout the business and 13... READ MORE

Sewage Backup Tuscumbia

Water backed up in the drain lines of this Tuscumbia business causing a sewage backup.  Of the twenty-six rooms in the facility, eighteen had water fr... READ MORE

Muscle Shoals Water Damage

The kitchen faucet was the source of a water damage which affected this entire home in Muscle Shoals.  Pictured is one of the three bedrooms.  In... READ MORE

Florence Pipe Leak

A pipe leaked under the bathroom sink of this Florence home and caused water damage to several rooms in the finished basement.  Some areas had half an inch... READ MORE