Water Damage Photo Gallery

Florence Frozen Pipe Above Kitchen

A large piece of drywall hangs from the ceiling of a home in Florence.  The water damage was caused by a frozen pipe in the ceiling.  

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Russellville Water Damage

The dog did it.  

A Russellville homeowner had a fairly large water damage after her dog chewed through the refrigerator water supply line.  The water spread through several rooms on the main level and in the finished basement.  Pictured is the ceiling of a bedroom in the basement.  

Wet Cabinets

This water damage in Muscle Shoals was caused by a leak in the refrigerator water supply line.  The water spread from the kitchen to the living and dining rooms.  The base of the kitchen cabinets was very wet. 

Mold After Water Heater Leak

The water heater leaked and caused water damage in the basement.  The owner first tried to clean up the water damage herself but then contacted SERVPRO.  Our crew discovered mold on the drywall and inside the walls. 


A Florence home suffered water damage to 3 rooms after a leak in the HVAC drain line in the attic.  Our crew discovered that this room actually had two layers of drywall in the ceiling as they were working to access the wet insulation.  

Large Church Water Damage in Decatur, AL

In June of 2014, a large 3 story church in Decatur called us with a water loss that originated on the 3rd floor. We call this a "top down" water loss. SERVPRO has the industry advantage of having a near limitless amount of equipment and available help from our surrounding Franchises. In this instance we had to use three truck pulled dessicant dehumidifiers and hundreds of pieces of smaller equipment (air movers and dehumidifiers) to get this Church back available to open their doors.